NAM Studios, Holt is a

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fully residential professional and affordable recording facility 22 miles from Bristol in the UK.

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The studio has worked with a pool of highly respected sound engineers over its 10 year history.

All engineers and producers work freelance and have a great deal of experience especially here at NAM to which they are well accustomed.

Flexibility in the studio is provided with a full Pro Tools 24 Mix PLUS system running alongside 24 tracks of 2" analogue tape via the latest valve amps and EQs.

Both the Control Room and Live Area offer great space and natural daylight... NAM is an environment in which to record your material with the greatest of ease.

The studio is fully residential and along with our rural setting, creates the perfect environment for undistracted recording. An outdoor swimming pool is available for use in season and guests have the freedom of a private garden.

The studio is constantly being upgraded with both hardware and software and at present features the equipment listed on our gear page.

At NAM we have been part of the recording and mixing of a huge array of projects, which have included musicians, bands and labels from all over Europe - a few are listed below...


Mission Robert Plant Julian Cope Midge Ure Van Morrison Hue Cornwall Amor Innes Sibun Countermine Siren Blue Hoax Eddie Martin Carpet The High and Lonesome Psychid Lockdown Project K T Tunstall Indica Tiny Elvis. Producers: Stephen Evans Charlie Jones Phil Andrews Ben Findley Mike Gregovich Stuart Bruce Steve Osbourne Bruno Ellingham Mark Thift Chris Hughes. Labels:Rhythm King Ulftone Music (Berlin) Viceroy (Hamburg) East West Stimulus Outcast Arista Warner Bros. BMG Mercury Wicklow (Canada) DB Records Made in Wessex Gronland Universal Music Lizard King Ryhme King.


CONSOLE MTA Series 990, 54 Channels (Trident)
DIGITAL Apple Mac G4, Pro Tools 24 Mix PLUS, 888/24 bit (x3)
TAPE MACHINE Soundcraft 24 track 2 inch mk 3 spec
MONITORS ATC 100A / Mackie HR824 / Yamaha NS 10M
OUTBOARD Yamaha SPX 90, Roland SDE 2000, Drawmer gates, Scintallator
REVERB Lexicon PCM 70, Lexicon Alex, Roland SRV 2000,Lexicon MXP1 multiple processor effects
COMPRESSORS DBX 165 A, TL Audio 2021, BSS 4 channel and de-esser, Avalon VT737, Focusrite dual compressor limiter blue 230
MASTERING DAT, Studer and Revox 1/4 inch, CD, DVD
MICROPHONES Neumann U87, Electro Voice RE20, PL76B, AKG 414-ULS(2), C1000S(2), C480B(2), C451EB, D112, Shure 57(6), 58(3), Audio Technica 4060,Sennheizer MD421-11(4), MD441U(3) KEYBOARDS Korg M1, Yamaha TG55, Akai, Upright Piano SAMPLING Akai S950 upgraded MIC AMPS TL Audio 2001, NEVE
EQ TL Audio EQ1 dual valve equaliser
AMPS AVAILABLE Mesa Boogie 400+ valve bass amp with 4x10 & 1x15 Cab

Looking for somewhere to rehearse?

The rehearsal facilities at NAM provide an excellent atmosphere in which to work. There are 2 rooms each with full vocal p.a. and natural daylight. SM-58 microphones/stands/mic leads are supplied and full off-street parking is available. Our rates are extremely competitive and are available on request (see contact). GET IN TOUCH: Please contact us for booking enquiries / rates or any other questions you may have: Phone: +44 (0)1225 782281 Fax: +44 (0)1225 782281 - Address: NAM Studios, 4/7 Forewoods Common, Holt, Wiltshire, BA14 6PJ